[Users] [Bug 3049] Claws fetches all messages instead of only new & doesn't rely on imapcache

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  --> http://www.thewildbeast.co.uk/claws-mail/bugzilla/attachment.cgi?id=1315
relevant debug log

More debugging:

I added another account (my university's Exchange server, to which I connect
through IMAP).  This has ~ 1.3K messages total (compared to ~ 120K in my work
account), which the largest folder having 882 mail.

In this account, everything works perfectly, with synchronising creating an
offline copy that is instantaneously accessible, being loaded from my local

On the other (work) account, even the folders with 5 mails are loaded from the
remote server, and hence take time.

The work account (both the actual remote server and my 'fake remote' localhost
server) use Dovecot, while the university uses Exchange.

I ran $ dbg claws-mail, then selected two small folders on my work account (2
messages and 4 messages), then selected two folders on my university account (9
messages and 8 messages), and then quit the program.

I've attached the relevant bit of the debug log, changing the server addresses
and user name.

Interestingly, it keeps saying "folder.c:4628:Folder [work] wants sync" over
and over again.  Could that be it?

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