[Users] Support for HTML2 Plugin

edwardp at mcom.com edwardp at mcom.com
Fri Jan 3 23:35:02 CET 2014

Hello Edward,

edwardp at mcom.com wrote:
>> At least with Linux, the Fancy plugin provided with 3.8.1 on Debian
>> Wheezy, does /not/ allow Claws to display the images in an HTML
>> e-mail. Where the images should appear, it's all whitespace.

>I use Debian Wheezy and Claws Mail (3.8.1) and the Fancy plugin
>(0.9.16) from Wheezy repository. 

>The Fancy plugin is able to show the images. For privacy reason the
>images are not auto loaded by default. You can either activate auto
>loading of images in the properties menu of the Fancy plugin or load
>them on demand by clicking on the action menu button (left corner
>below the message window). Below the message window are buttons for:
>view 1:1, increase size, decrease size, action menu. Those buttons
>only visible when you show the text/html part of the email.

>kind regards

Those little icons at the bottom, I didn't even notice them!  :D

Once I selected the fourth one and then "Load Images", there they were.

Thank you for the info.


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