[Users] [Bug 3083] Pressing the Enter key on a message activates the disabled Message View

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Tue Apr 29 09:59:26 CEST 2014


--- Comment #5 from Colin Leroy <colin at colino.net> ---

I was looking at that patch and it seemed good at first. But, I do have issues
with this disabled-messageview thing.

We do have a Summaries preference named "Open message when selected": "Always",
"Never", "When messageview's visible".

But this preference applies to summay row selection using up, down, pageup,
pagedown, home and end. It also applies to entering a folder, or changing the
summaryview list somehow (quicksearch etc).

The rest of the navigation - Enter key, as this bug states - but also the whole
View/Go to/ submenu ("prev/next unread message") which can be
keyboard-navigated using shift-N, shift-P, etc, does reopen the hidden

Also, Go to/Next and Go to/Prev don't follow that preference.

I see no point in changing the behaviour for Enter, but not the View/Go to

The problem is that we can't fix it and keep the existing behaviour for people
using a hidden messageview often. 

I suggest either changing nothing or fixing the whole thing.

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