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> (In reply to comment #13)
> > (In reply to comment #11)
> > > * Add a configuration option to select the priority of plugins. I Would like
> > > to have libravatar -> Face -> X-Face -> QR-Code in most cases. 
> > 
> > You can already have that with the separate plugin way :)
> Hmm, really?
> If I load the libravatar plugin this is preferred, (X-)Face is shown if no
> libravatar can be retrieved.
> Loading my QR-Code plugin I always get the QR-Code, not only as a fallback.
> Can I configure that?
> Or can I prefer (X-)Face if available, then check for libravatar?

  Mmm... ok, I think I talked too fast here :)

  Currently the priority is set also by the unique type identifier (#define
QR_AVATAR_QR_AVATAR 4) so last one is always higher priority by definition.

  Implementing priorities among avatar plugins requires some plugin interface
changes probably... will think about this, but not for this relase :)

> > > * (Allow avatar in size different than 48x48 pixel, so libravatar can be
> > > bigger and QR-Code is not blurry.)
> > 
> > Current codes are already readable, anyway, if it's blurry it's because it's
> > being zoomed in, isn't it? 
> Yes, I always scale up (or down) to 48x48 pixel.
> > Maybe it's just the size of the generated QR what needs to be adjusted to be
> > rendered with a exact number of pixels per QR-point ;)
> Then the code gets even smaller... And we have to make sure it is not
> truncated for long mail addresses that result in a code larger than 48x48
> pixel.
> This is not a must-have but a nice-to-have. So as long as avatar size is
> 48x48 pixel I would always scale it.
> Best readability on display is with a fixed scale of two or three. (e.g. a
> 21x21 Qr-Code would result in 42x42 or 63x63 pixel.)

  OK, didn't know size of QR changed with the size of the info. Sorry for the
noise ;)

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