[Users] [Bug 3119] add plugin to display QR-Code for avatar

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Mon Apr 28 10:04:55 CEST 2014


--- Comment #13 from Ricardo Mones <mones at users.sourceforge.net> ---
(In reply to comment #11)
> So the libravatar plugin itself should be linked to libqrencode.so?(In reply
> to comment #10)
> > I think that it would be better to have it inside libravatar plugin.
> So the libravatar plugin itself should be linked to libqrencode.so? And
> displaying the QR-Code is fallback if no avatar can be retrieved from
> libravatar?
> The perfect solution for me would be:
> * Add the QR-Code Plugin as is.


> * (Move Face and X-Face code to a separate plugin. Does it make sens to
> remove dependency of compface from main Claws?)

This is an old time core-feature, would break all configured Claws Mail
out there for no benefit.

> * Add a configuration option to select the priority of plugins. I Would like
> to have libravatar -> Face -> X-Face -> QR-Code in most cases. 

You can already have that with the separate plugin way :)

> Alternativly allow to display more that one avatar.

This can be tricky: for example, there's no room for more than one avatar in
header pane over message view mode.

> * (Allow avatar in size different than 48x48 pixel, so libravatar can be
> bigger and QR-Code is not blurry.)

Current codes are already readable, anyway, if it's blurry it's because it's
being zoomed in, isn't it? 

Maybe it's just the size of the generated QR what needs to be adjusted to be
rendered with a exact number of pixels per QR-point ;)

> Whatever you decide... Let me know what exactly you prefer and I will
> change/update the code.

Sure, and thanks for willing to implement the changes! :)

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