[Users] genious script to import ALL thunderbird-folders into claws

christian graf chr.graf at gmx.de
Mon Apr 28 09:02:44 CEST 2014

Dear all,

when trying to get all of my thunderbird-folders imported I stumbled
across this URL:

This page lists a python-script:

Its working fantastic. Within <15minutes I have had ALL of my
TB-folders, mine 160k emails imported into claws.

just for reference those are  the steps I did:

1) unpacking into any folder: 
tar -xvzf claws-mail-tbird2claws.tar.gz

2) as mentioned in the README of given tgz, cd into your Thunderbird
cd /mnt/thunderbird/ayofx2od.default/

3) I created a new directory for the imported stuff:
mkdir /home/behn/migrated-tb/

4) run the script
python<path-to-script>/claws-mail-tbird2claws/tbird2claws.py . /home/behn/migrated-tb/

5) start claws-mail, go to >File >Add Mailbox >MH
> /home/behn/migrated-tb

6) stay tuned, my CPU peaked for a couple of minutes, then all of mine
160k emails are seen in the migrated-tb Mailbox

7) I did not check the attachments, as those are not important to me

many thanks to Aleksandar Urosevic for crafting this tool. Much



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