[Users] claws performance, >100.000 emails

christian graf chr.graf at gmx.de
Sun Apr 27 18:30:52 CEST 2014

Closing this thread:)

I have installed claws and have roughly 160k emails imoprted. Still
working to get all them imported, but its a good start. As you guys all
stated, 160k emails is a piece of cake for claws.

It runs fast like hell:)

thanks for kind help - it motivated to perform the migration finally.


On Sun, 27 Apr 2014 00:13:32 +0200
Nicolas Iselin <nicolas.claws at iselin.ch> wrote:

> Hi Christian
> > My main concern is performance honestly. I have roughly 130.000
> > emails stored in my thunderbird (pop3), including attachments. 
> ...
> > related to this would be the question how fast the search-engine
> > will be. The reason for storing the emails is to search them. So its
> > crucial that claws is somewhat fast in searching such large
> > structures.
> > 
> My personal impression of the search is that as long as you only
> search in the headers (which are "indexed" separately), claws is very
> fast. However, searching in the body of the mails is at least 2 times
> slower (if not more) compared to a simple recursive grep ("grep -R"). 
> This comparison can be made of course only if all mails are stored
> locally.
> Nicolas

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