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On Wed, 23 Apr 2014 18:32:42 -0500
Emily Jackson wrote:

> I have read this discussion with interest, and I am wondering if this
> can be accomplished in the Windows port of Claws-Mail. (I have sox
> installed via Cygwin, and the path to the file I would like to play is
> C:\Users\Emily\Downloads\Purr.wav .) I wouldn't be surprised if it
> were impossible, though.

Actually it can be done in Windows.
Just as in linux you need to enter the command in

I have tested it using both Windows Media Player and the 64bit Windows
port of VLC.

Windows Media Player command (quotations need to be used)

"x:\path\to\exe\file" "x:\path\to\sound\file" (all in 1 line) 
for your file
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe" "C:\Users\Emily\Downloads\Purr.wav"

the issue with using WMP it that it no longer has a command line option
to close it so you would either have leave it open (minimized) or
manually close it.

VLC (again quotations need to be used)
"x:\path\to\exe\file" "x:\path\to\sound\file"
for your file
"N:\Music\Jimi_Hendrix-Experience_Hendrix\01 - Purple Haze.mp3" 
 C:\Users\Emily\Downloads\Purr.wav vlc://quit

The downside to vlc is that it can refuse to play some files
The upside it can be closed from the command line.

I figure wordwrap is going to play hell with the commands so I have
attached those that I used on my system.

Have any problems just holler.


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