[Users] [Bug 3139] Main window totally unresponsive due to a busy loop

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Mon Apr 21 12:34:11 CEST 2014


--- Comment #5 from Deweloper <deweloper at wp.pl> ---
I reproduced the problem with --debug option. The log (personal data replaced
with XXX) ends with:

inputdialog.c:469:return string = ********
inputdialog.c:277:keeping session password for account
inc.c:793:getting new messages of account XXXXXXXXXXX...
session.c:189:session (0x93e7cf0): connected
[09:43:35] POP3< +OK Hello there.
[09:43:35] POP3> STLS
[09:43:36] POP3< +OK Begin SSL/TLS negotiation now.
ssl.c:229:waiting for SSL_connect thread...
ssl.c:247:SSL_connect thread returned 0
ssl_certificate.c:389:got XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.110.cert first try
ssl_certificate.c:236:got cert! 0x9040ee8
ssl_certificate.c:399:got cert 0x88cb848
alertpanel.c:254:Creating alert panel dialog...
alertpanel.c:213:called inc_lock (lock count 1)
alertpanel.c:223:called inc_unlock (lock count 0)
alertpanel.c:107:return value = 1

The mail server is public: cba.pl
You're right, it's enough to configure an account in claws-mail using cba.pl,
TLS on, "test" username to reproduce the problem (I have just verified it).

However, I'm not sure now if I was really able to fetch e-mails from that
server with TLS on in Thunderbird. Possibly I had to switch to plain POP3. And
now I am unable to re-check this in Thunderbird because I have already
uninstalled it and don't want to install it again :)

Anyway, as you confirmed, busy loop is a problem, so I'd appreciate if you
could investigate it...

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