[Users] [Bug 3134] Fancy Plugin Cannot Load

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Tue Apr 8 09:12:56 CEST 2014


--- Comment #2 from Christian Hesse <mail at earthworm.de> ---
Please read the optional dependencies and install what is needed. Everything is
perfectly fine, even with the Arch package.

% pacman -Si claws-mail
Repository     : extra
Name           : claws-mail
Version        : 3.9.3-2
Description    : A GTK+ based e-mail client.
Architecture   : x86_64
URL            : http://www.claws-mail.org
Licenses       : GPL3
Groups         : None
Provides       : claws
Depends On     : gtk2  gnutls  startup-notification  enchant  gpgme  libetpan 
compface  libsm  dbus-glib  hicolor-icon-theme  desktop-file-utils
Optional Deps  : python2: needed for some tools and python plugin
                 perl: needed for some tools and perl plugin
                 spamassassin: adds support for spamfiltering
                 bogofilter: adds support for spamfiltering
                 libnotify: for notification plugin
                 libcanberra: for notification plugin
                 dbus: for notification plugin
                 libxml2: for gtkhtml2_viewer and rssyl plugins
                 curl: for gtkhtml2_viewer, vcalendar, rssyl and spamreport
                 libarchive: for archive plugin and various other plugins
                 libytnef: for tnef_parse plugin
                 webkitgtk2: for the fancy webkit html plugin
                 libsoup: for the fancy webkit html plugin
                 libgdata: for gdata plugin
                 poppler-glib: for pdf viewer plugin
                 ghostscript: for pdf viewer plugin
Conflicts With : claws-mail-extra-plugins
Replaces       : sylpheed-claws  claws-mail-extra-plugins
Download Size  : 2876,42 KiB
Installed Size : 13912,00 KiB
Packager       : Andreas Radke <andyrtr at archlinux.org>
Build Date     : Thu 06 Feb 2014 05:08:40 PM CET
Validated By   : MD5 Sum  SHA256 Sum  Signature

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