[Users] [Bug 3005] Reply Date Not Current Date

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Sun Sep 29 18:12:30 CEST 2013


--- Comment #2 from plmlbn <93h16cv8rf at cogeco.ca> ---
Thank You for the reply. It was appreciated.

Two points.

1. I tried your suggestion for an 'action'. I downloaded the necessary script,
fix_date.sh. Unfortunately, the script errored out on line 13 with
     "./fix_date.sh: 13: ./fix_date.sh: Syntax error: "(" unexpected". My bash
scripting knowledge is not sufficient for me to fully debug a script so I'll
just pass this on to you. My bash is GNU Bash-4.2, 28 December 2010 on Kubuntu

2. I realise that you know more about this than I do but I fail to see the
logic in inserting a date in a reply that is just a repeat of the message date.
I used a message from 2012 to practice on and I just kept repeating the 2012

May I suggest a wishlist comment for a 'simple' method of inserting the current
date (and time?) in a message reply.

Thank You
Keep up the good work

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