[Users] [request] Color settings on Windows

vitsen at gmx.com vitsen at gmx.com
Sun Sep 29 18:11:30 CEST 2013

@Colin (and others),

a few months ago I requested as a feature the customizing of the 
interface colors in the Windows version (whose Gtk themes cannot be 
changed, for some reason). This is a real need for people with visual 
impairments, who cannot see well with the default color combination 
(black on white).

It appeared from your responses that this can be done in Windows:

Could you please work on it, for the next release? It is an important 

Manually editing the color settings (as a "hidden preference", as Colin 
suggested) in a text file would be a good solution for me - and I guess 
for others too - because it is quite easy.

Thanks for the cooperation


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