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Brad Rogers brad at fineby.me.uk
Wed Sep 25 13:18:52 CEST 2013

On Wed, 25 Sep 2013 11:31:24 +0100
Geraint Hywel <G.S.J.Hywel at swansea.ac.uk> wrote:

Hello Geraint,

>However, the original email kind of implied that there might be a way

It took me a re-read to see that implication.  In my initial read I
assumed(1) Gideon was talking about mailing lists.

>to view a thread of emails I've sent (which are in my "Sent" folder)
>and replies (which are in some other *different* folder).
>Is that possible?

Not AFAIAA.  See my reply to Paul for a different possibility that may
satisfy your needs.

(1) I know, "Never assume.  It makes an Ass of U and Me".   :-(

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