[Users] synchronization for offline use of imap account

3daniele03 at gmail.com 3daniele03 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 19 12:40:48 CEST 2013


I am connected to an imap server and my account has a lot a folders and
subfolders (in maildir format, but I do not think this is relevant).

In my preferences I have "Synchronize offline folders as soon as
possible" and "Update local folders" after checking for new mail. In
each folder, I checked the property "Synchronize for offline use", but
only in few of them I have "Scan for new mail". This is because I do
not need a notification for new mail in most folders and checking a lot
of folders with hundreds of messages takes too much time during which
claws-mail is unusable.

I noticed that only folders for which I am scanning for new mail get
synchronized locally.

I wonder if there is a way to have all folders synchronized even
without scanning for new mail. I understand that the question might
appear stupid and contradictory...

Perhaps the question is related to the following one: is there a way of
scanning in background for new mail in large and numerous imap folders,
without claws-mail being unusable until the end of the scan?

Thanks in advance,


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