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info at computerhuys.nl info at computerhuys.nl
Sat Sep 14 15:12:06 CEST 2013

I'm new to claws-mail and to sending secure mail and want to use it to send secure mail.

I want to send a mail using PGP/MIME encryption. PGP/MIME add-on is installed and selected in default privacy settings.

When I send an e-mail I'm asked to select a key however no keys are found to select from. I used Kleopatra to create a key-pair on this computer for a (dummy) test e-mailaccount so I expected to be able to select this key (via this mailadress) since it is available on my computer (or at least visible within Kleopatra in the list of certificates). Also there is no way to tell where to locate / look for a key. 

How does this work?
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