[Users] Finally, I had to switch to Thunderbird. CM is too slow to be usable!

Daniele Boffi 3daniele03 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 30 17:52:12 CET 2013

I regret to admit that, after testing CM on slow IMAP connections, I
had to switch to Thunderbird as default mail client for my laptop.

Let me explain why, hoping that someone will convince me to come back
to CM.

I am managing a very large amount of mail (10Gb+) organized in a lot of
folders and subfolders and archived in an IMAP server.

After I hit "Get Mail", and if I have a good network connection,
everything is fine and all my folders are updated with new messages
almost instantaneously.

On the other hand, if the network is not so fast, checking for new
messages can take *very long* time. Of course, there is nothing CM can
do in order to speedup the process if the network is slow. But the
negative side is that when CM is checking for new mail, it cannot be
used for anything else (not even for sending mails).

Looking at old threads in this list, I have the feeling that this not
avoidable. Please, correct me if I am wrong: I would be happy to know
that I am missing something and, if this is the case, to come back to a
usable CM.



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