[Users] Claws does not send unless desktop has focus

Ian Wisbon ian.wisbon at gmail.com
Thu Oct 24 16:09:21 CEST 2013


I haven't yet determined if this is a Claws issue, or, being imposed by my
WM (Openbox, Crunchbang Waldorf OS). I also run a dual-head setup, and
typically run claws on the right display in my setup, I doubt that is
adding to the issue, but I'm noting it for debugging.

When composing an e-mail and clicking send *with* the send dialogue
enabled, if I switch desktops from that which has claws on it, the e-mail
send dialogue and send process will hang, until I return to the desktop
containing Claws.

This will result in all Claws functionality blocking until the e-mail is
sent, meaning all filters/fetching/processing are not being run.

Disabling the send dialogue seems to not cause this issue.

Is this the expected behavior, or is this a known issue?

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