[Users] [Bug 3016] Messages encrypted with attachments or encrypted and signed are not properly indicated

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Mon Oct 21 15:36:56 CEST 2013


--- Comment #6 from Ian Nartowicz <mozilla at virginmedia.com> ---
The tooltip associated with the icon for an inline-encrypted message body with
a signature attachment is simply "Signed".  It should probably be something
more explanatory as to why this strange symbol shows up.  "Signed and
encrypted" at a minimum, but preferably something more like "Signed,
inline-encrypted" or "Signed, message text encrypted".

Along the same lines, as currently defined, the tooltip (and icon legend) for
signed and having attachments (if it is going to continue only be shown in the
specific instance of an inline-encrypted message body and non-encrypted
attachments, should indicate that fact.  For example: "Encrypted, non-encrypted
attachment(s)".  Possibly even the simply encrypted tooltip that appears for
mime-encrypted messages could then indicate that such a message might well
include attachments and a signature.

Further to that case, the emblem that is shown on the message body never
indicates that it is encrypted (for example, if the decryption fails or is
cancelled) because it always receives a pgp_signed emblem of some sort.  Not
easy to change though, it would probably require two emblems.  That would give
the option to have en emblem for decrypted attachments though, which might be

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