[Users] Save encrypted e-mails unencrypted

Matthias Winter mat.winter at arcor.de
Fri Oct 18 16:36:21 CEST 2013

Dear all, especially dear developers,

I know there is an option to save sent mail in unencrypted form. But there is no option to do this for received mails. This is unfortunate since encrypted mails cannot be searched. I am not aware of any other mail client which can do that, but Hassles like this keep people (including me) from encrypting their mail.

Would you developers support such an addition to the pgp plugins?

I would try to implement it myself if you would help me with some advice:
- The logical point to implement it would be after decryption in pgpmime.c and pgpinline.c. Do you agree?
- The original e-mail file has to be replaced by one containing the header minus the Mime-Version and Content-Type headers plus the content of the plaintext.<id> file. How do I access the header from within the plugin? How do I determine the e-mail's file?

With an encrypted hard drive or mail directory saving mails as unencrypted text does not even compromise security. I've been asked if Claws-Mail can do this and think I might get some people to start using Claws if this were implemented ;-)


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