[Users] [Bug 3012] smtp for gmx.net no longer working

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Thu Oct 17 18:22:09 CEST 2013


--- Comment #5 from Manfred Schmitt <claws at slashproc.org> ---
It looks like the GMX/Web.de spam-admins borked the antispam-rules:


english version via google:

Rough english translation:
Since a few days gmx.de/.net and web.de (-> same company) are blocking mails
from domains without A or AAAA Record but with correct MX Record (which should
be enough). The blocking based on irregular/invalid or not existing helo seems
to be a side effect.
The technicians are trying to resolve the issue but when it will be
fixed completely and/or working again on all servers is unclear.
I don't think the blocking has something to do with gnupg at all, try hard
enough and the mail will be sent successfully ;-)
I could at least sent some gnupg-encrypted testmails via GMX from within claws
without a problem.

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