[Users] [Bug 3017] Privacy emblem positioning is broken

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Thu Oct 17 14:47:42 CEST 2013


--- Comment #3 from Ian Nartowicz <mozilla at virginmedia.com> ---
I've attached a screenshot of the default theme, but it is not very informative
because the emblem and mime type icon are approximately the same size, so it
doesn't much matter which corner the offset is calculated from.  With the small
encrypted padlock icon it is more obvious but that never appears for me (see
bug 3016).  Even so I don't think this is the desired effect.

So I've also attached a screenshot with the Everaldo kids theme which uses
larger mime type icons.  Here the emblem is clearly not overlapping the bottom
right corner, but offset slightly from the top left corner and therefore slap
in the middle of the mime type icon.

Lastly, I've attached a screenshot with the KDE4ish theme which uses a small
padlock icon as the emblem for signed mime types.  This appears almost exactly
centered in the mime type icon instead of overlapping the bottom right corner. 
You can see how it used to (is/was intended to) look many years ago at this

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