[Users] Greetings from another kmail1 refugee

ghaverla ghaverla at materialisations.com
Thu Oct 10 02:42:01 CEST 2013

Greetings from NW Alberta, Canada.

My desktop computer is the server for my LAN, and so it seldom gets
rebooted.  I usually take forced rebooting incidents, as the time to
update software.  And the last update resulted in my having to drop
using kmail for email.  I had been using kmail under LXDE for quite a
while before this update.  As others have observed, I seen no need for
the semantic waste of resources that KDE has decided to become.

Claws has a FAQ.  Which means there must be a means of asking
questions.  And looking around the claws-mail website, I couldn't find
a mail list.  Which made me wonder about the FAQ.  Google knows of the
mailing list, which is how I have registered.  But maybe you need to
make it easier for people to find this?

I have read the last 1.5 years of the users threads.  I learned some
things (thank you), and I seen a couple of threads I thought I would
comment on.

[Users] Claws mail to relational database?
Fri Jul 5 19:10:03 CEST 2013

There is a single person project called Manitou-mail (nominally out of
France?) which looks to store email in PostgreSQL.  The project is
active, but slow (to be expected of a single person project I suppose).

The definition of a mail-folder in a SQL environment is logical.
Manitou seemed to be really only good at importing mbox, and so I wrote
Perl script to turn a kmail maildir based store into a mbox, to import
mail using Mail::Box related perl modules.  The idea was that I would
migrate to manitou, as it made more long term sense.  But, the website
hasn't changed much (not that I am looking for recognition).  I can
only assume the author is too busy to explore further development.

I have no idea if the schema used to import mail into PostgreSQL is
sufficient.  I don't know if the manitou backend is a IMAP server.
But, for people who want to store email in a SQL dbase, this might be
something to look at.  A significant part of Manitou is Perl.

[Users] Action for fake html emails
Wed Jun 5 20:59:46 CEST 2013

The engineering association I belong to, feels obligated to send
multipart MIME messages to members where the text part of every message
is 1 or 2 bytes.  Which only shows the messages are not compliant with
the Multipart/MIME convention.

I got tired of these improper emails at one point, and started working
on a solution, never finished.  But, I was using Mail::Box related perl
modules in my solution, and a side effect of my sending in a patch is
that there is support for sending proper multipart MIME in Mail::Box
hierarchy.  I was hoping to provide an interface through which they
could send plain ASCII, HTML and PDF is still unfinished.  And not
likely to be finished any time soon.

I'll close here.  Two comments.

Have a great day!

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