[Users] network log & slow connection

kardan dev at diy-biogas.eu
Mon May 27 17:13:38 CEST 2013

Good day,

when I found the 'apply to subolfders' switch in folder properties i
was happy that I had not to click this for every subfolder. Great
Now I am synchronizing my imap account with a relatively slow
connection (40 KB/s at DSL) which takes some time. I am tracking the
progress in the network log, to see which folder claws is working on.

There are several points i found. Please decide yourself, if you take
them serious enough to fix.
1) when synchronization is triggered manually, clicking on other
folders brings no reaction. Only messages in the current folder can be
2) The network log shows one line per KB, which fills it quite
fast. Is there an option to change that size? I found none, also not in
3) When going offline during synchronization, it asks to stay
online. If I deny, it walks through all folders, without downloading
anymore. That is fine. However when I click 'synchronize folders'
again, it walks as fast through them again without downloading
anything. This is because the synchronize option for the account folder
is turned off. I have to manually switch it on again, to sync the
left folders. Also a restart is need to synchronize anything again
(also picking a single folder for 'synchronize' has no effect).

Besideds this there is one annoying thing when working with slow
Opening INBOX or any folder leads to a 'check all folders'
which takes some time (like a minute or more) before the folder content
is shown. Could it be an option to either
* show the cached folder content and update it after all folders are
  updated, or
* skip/defer the checking until the requested folder is updated
  and shown. That would improve my workflow a lot.

BTW I recommended claws to a friend/coworker who was unsatisfied with
evolution (due to some trash bug). He used claws for some time and
switched back to the web interface of gmx (i am sorry to say this -
think it was because of the layout as his eyes are getting worse).
recently he was surfing via EDGE/UMTS whatever with VERY slow internet
(<5KB). claws was the only option of the three without timout error,
which convinced me even a bit more of this wonderful mail client.

Thanks for your work and have a good day!

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