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Vayu vayu at sklinks.com
Fri May 24 22:46:19 CEST 2013

I can help with reading HTML mail.

I've found 2 plugins that work for me.  (There's a third mentioned based on the Dillo web browser but I've been unable to find it.)

GtkHTML2 and Fancy.  You can find them here: http://www.claws-mail.org/plugins.php   I used the ones from my package manager that matched the version of Claws that I got from my package manager.

To load them: within Claws, go to configuration/plugins.  Click the "Load..." button and you'll get a file dialog where you can find the fancy.so or  gtkhtml2_viewer.so

You will then have to configure the viewers to display HTML as the default for both is not to.

Configure/Preferences/<plugin-name>   Either GtkHtml Viewer or Fancy and set the option to automatically load images.

There's also another place to set viewing HTML in Configure/Preferences/Message View
(I set this but I think it might be used for the built in Dillo HTML viewer that I've not been able to get to work or even find)

The Fancy viewer is based on Webkit and being newer theoretically should be a better renderer.  For me it displays all text in my system font deja vu sans and does not seem to be able to find all the web fonts like Arial I have installed.

The GtkHtml viewer does use my installed fonts and looks much better to me except that for pages that haven't set the background color and/or foreground font color, are displayed using my system colors which are sometimes unreadable on my dark theme.  Sometimes I get combinations like my system defined dark grey background and the page's dark grey text or the page's defined light background with my system's white text.

If by any chance anyone finds a way to set Fancy to use my system fonts when the page calls for them or to find a way to set GtkHtml to not use my system colors please let me know.

On Fri May 24 03:59:29 PM Chris Griffin wrote:

HI All,
I am new to Claws mail, just installed it and have it running on my openSUSE box.
I am sick and tired of Thunderbird swallowing up over 1GB of RAM to do who knows what with my mail! 

A few things I'm stumbling on, I don't know if they are possible but I thought I would ask:

Is it possible (using any of the plugins) to set claws to read mail in HTML by default?

Is it possible to import (or better yet sync) Google contacts?


Chris Griffin
chris at cgriffin.org

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