[Users] CM dies on fetching vCalendar-Folder

Thomas Beckmann beckmann at ThBeckmann.de
Thu May 23 11:46:26 CEST 2013

Hi community,

I try to fetch a couple of calendars, for example


(german holidays). The vCalendar plugin starts fetching and crashes
claws after some seconds.

Do you have any hint?

Claws is running on Windows7 64bit.

Maybe, the problem that I can't load rssyl.dll is related? (I had the
problem that libxml2-2 was missing - I found a version, but now, if I
try to activate rssyl, it is said that this is no executable - the
problem with vCalendar persists whether I remove libxml2 or not).

I thank you for any hints! Thomas
Thomas.Beckmann at ThBeckmann.de

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