[Users] feature request to avoid loosing email with bogofilter

ulrich at moehrkevielfalt.de ulrich at moehrkevielfalt.de
Tue May 14 21:50:23 CEST 2013


sorry, if this topic has been already discussed. I don't know how
to search in history. 

I'm a new user to claws mail and I had problems to configure
bogofilter. I wanted to keep spam mail within old folder and only
mark, that this is spam. Therefore I did not set to save spam in a
special folder. What happend: bogofilter deleted many
mails. This has been very surprising to me. 
Normally one will not notice, that mails are lost. I had a little bit
of luck because I red some of these mails before using another program
at another computer.

I would like to ask the developers to change configuration of
bogofilter that deleting of messages need an explicit request (a
check box).
Maybe the same happens for spamassassin.

Best regards,

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