[Users] An: Resent with small attachment. ... Re: Fix Maildir ++ plugin maildir-0.24.5 patch (Ricardo Mones)

root omb at teraflex-bp.dyndns.org
Fri May 10 14:59:39 CEST 2013

Hi Ricardo,

Thank you for your not very helpful reply, The EXACT reason why I said
I would publish, on an as useful basis, is that I WILL NOT get involved
in these kind of discussions. Any more on Maildir, once It gets to
0.24.5 will be because it matters to me, and may be useful to other
Claws users.

The patch was made by git(1.7.12) from the virgin downloaded Maildir
tarball on the Claws site, against a commit of the changes
that make it WORK fo ME, edited to delete diffs that apply to generated
files except for 'config.h, pluginconfig.h' which I had had to hand

1	> +// Plugin licence crap, because this is exactly what this is
	If you dont like the wording, hint, it is Open Souurce, rewrite

	Refusing to load a plugin, cos you don't like its licence GPL3
	to GPL3++ without a clear message is completelty fcuking dumb!

2.	>Don't think so... and please use English for descriptions ;),
	as 1. Fix if you like

3.	XXXX is my 'unfinished business marker'

4.	I think a better technically-oriented expletive-free
	description of what's happening here is needed. Anyway I've
	tried to apply against current maildir in CVS:

I have no idea, and care less, I stopped using CVS 20 years
ago. Attached is a (compressed XZ) tarball of my source code, (git too
big for list).

GrĂ¼ss, Brian
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