[Users] Stuck in a POP3 re-download loop

Mark Kane mark at mkproductions.org
Thu May 9 19:38:14 CEST 2013

On 09.05.2013 09:36, Paul wrote:
> Claws downloads the mail to a temporary directory before filtering,
> so you'll need enough space on your disk for the operation to
> complete.
> There is something you can do to get over this. In the account
> preferences, on the Receive page, set a low 'Receive size limit'.
> Messages of a size over this limit will be partially retrieved. You
> will be able to view the partial messages, and use a button (which
> will be present above the msg view) to delete them or download them
> fully.
> with regards
> Paul

Thanks for the reply. Just a couple follow-up questions:

1) Can the contents of tempfolder be removed to free up enough space to 
try again? tempfolder is currently 14GB and 104,034 messages which is 
over double the amount of what is stored on the server, so duplicates 
are building up in tempfolder from the failed attempts and creating its 
own disk space issue.

2) I understand that Claws needs space to write to the temporary 
directory, but why would the disk filling up cause it to start from the 
beginning downloading all 50k messages again instead of only the few 
that hadn't already been downloaded?

Thanks again,


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