[Users] Claws Mail 3.9.1 unleashed!!

Paul claws at thewildbeast.co.uk
Mon May 6 19:16:16 CEST 2013

6th May 2013                                         Claws Mail 3.9.1

Claws Mail is a GTK+ based, user-friendly, lightweight, and fast 
email client.

New in this release:

All plugins previously packaged as 'Extra Plugins' are now contained
within the Claws Mail package. In addition to that, the following
plugins have been dropped: TrayIcon, Dillo Viewer, and Gtkhtml2

This release contains the following plugins: ACPI Notifier, Address
Keeper, Attachment Remover, Attachment Warner, Bogofilter, BS Filter,
Clam AntiVirus, Fancy HTML Viewer, FetchInfo, gData, GeoLocation,
Mail Archiver, MailMBOX, New Mail, Notification, PDF Viewer, Perl,
PGP/Core, PGP/Inline, PGP/MIME, Python, RSSyl, SMime, Spam Report,
SpamAssassin, TNEF Parse, and vCalendar. 

* 3 command-line switches have been added:
  --cancel-receiving which cancels the currently running message
	retrieval operation
  --cancel-sending which cancels the currently running message
	sending operation
  --debug which toggles debug output.

* '/Message/Cancel sending' has been added to the main menu. 

* In the filtering and processing condition configuration for Age,
  it is now possible to match based on number of hours.

* The GnuPG signature timestamp is now displayed in the full
  signature information

* Support for GnuTLS priority string has been added. This is achieved
  via 2 hidden account preferences, gnutls_set_priority and 
  gnutls_priority. The former turning the option on or off, the
  latter containing the required priority string.

* Keep-alive pings are now performed on IMAP and NNTP connections.

* In the Compose window, the focus is now moved to the message body
  when focus is in the Subject entry and the Enter key is pressed.
* The Delete key can now be used to remove Colour Label hotkeys.

* PDF Viewer: The printed PDF quality has been improved.

* Fancy HTML viewer: The options dialogue has been completely
  reworked, and disabling remote content is now totally strict.
* Python plugin: Added Cc field to messageinfo objects.

* Python plugin: Added examples.

* Python plugin: Added a function to get an arbitrary header from a
  MessageInfo object

* Perl plugin: The documentation for insert_perl.pl has been

* Basic handling of vcard 3.0 has been added to vcard2xml.py.

* A Swedish translation has been added to claws-mail.desktop.
* The man page has been updated.

* Updated translations: Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Finnish, French,
  German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish

* Bug fixes:
	o bug 1137, 'loading plugins with same profile on different
	o bug 1684, 'view news messages with large attachements
	o bug 1963, 'Preferences Templates Information Window Focus
	o bug 2340, 'Create block list'
	o bug 2617, 'code cleanup'
	o bug 2624, 'dialog "Action Configuration" cannot be closed'
	o bug 2702, 'Support splitting subject line for small screen
	o bug 2774, 'Select folder/New Folder dialog - modal problem'
	o bug 2785, 'Marking mails for deletion reopens internal
    		     message view'
	o bug 2801, 'Filtering Header:Name list is blank/corrupt'
	o bug 2826, 'replace deprecated gnutls function'
	o bug 2828, 'Use MD5 digest for socket name'
	o bug 2832, 'mail to from adress-book splitt names'
	o bug 2835, 'add_address() in addr_compl.c should allow a
		     NULL name'
	o bug 2859, 'Newmail plugin doesn't work if Mail folder not 
		     present when it is loaded.'
	o bug 2862, 'Segmentation fault when replying to a message
		     where the "code conversion" fails'
	o bug 2863, 'Applying has_attachment quicksearch on IMAP
	o bug 2878 'bsfilter / folder.c:1435 Condition identifier
		    != NULL failed'
	o bug 2879, 'Plain text mails treated as encrypted'
	o bug 2882, 'Reverse preference for external content'
	o bug 2885, 'SIGSEGV in hooks_marshal at hooks.c:108'
	o bug 2890, 'html2ps required...'
	o bug 2893, 'ical_yy_scan_bytes has wrong type'
	o bug 2903, 'key 'C' mention harcoded in string'
	o bug 2909, 'Changing folder quickly can cause wrong email to
		     be deleted'
	o IMAP: Don't set charset on simple searches. Fixes Exchange
	o Disconnect NNTP accounts too when switching offline.
	o Fix sensitivity of next-unread toolbar button.
	o tools/gif2xface.pl, tools/outlook2claws-mail.pl: Fix
	o Add missing \n at end of the return receipt last part's
	o Make LDAP over SSL work on Win32.
	o Fix crash on action error.
    	o Fix trimming of leading spaces in actions.
    	o tools/vcard2xml.py: Fix missing file encoding info.
    	o fix sensitivity of 'Use both dictionaries' in compose
	o Fix actions with spaces (and quotes).
	o tools/vcard2xml.py: Lines split over more than one line
	  breaks parser; Get email addres correct. Not only 
	o Escape filename/description text of MIME parts, prevents
	  error if, e.g., the filename contains an ampersand.
	o Fix 'edit accounts' windows going behind when leaving an
    	  'account preferences' window, by re-focusing this
  	  window. o Fix crash closing PDF information alert panel.
	o Fix default fonts on Windows.
	o Fix ugly icon in XFCE's alt-tab window.
	o Fix untranslated description in archiver plugin
	o fix crasher when using /Edit/Search folder on start-up with
	  nothing selected.

For further details of the numbered bugs listed above consult

See ChangeLog for full information regarding changes in this release.

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