[Users] invalid signature only in Claws Mail

Stephan Braun sylpheed-claws-users at lists.evervoid.net
Thu May 2 10:03:23 CEST 2013

Hey guys,

maybe a developer who worked on the PGP plugins could have a quick look
at this…

Attached is a message from a user of another mailing list, which is
signed. This (and all his other signed messages) are shown to me by
Claws Mail to have an invalid signature. He uses KMail/4.8.5 and
obviously there the signature is shown as valid - also with Thunderbird

We now want to find out, where exactly the bug is so we can file a
report at the right place. We both are no developers so your help is

It would be nice if you could check why CM thinks this signature is
invalid: is it because KMail creates it wrongly or does maybe CM have
problems handling "this correct" signature ?

Thanks in advance! Just get back to me if you need more info.


CM 3.9.0 - Debian Sid - amd64
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