[Users] [Bug 2499] icon not entire in gnome shell

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Wed May 1 19:58:50 CEST 2013


--- Comment #6 from Chad Wallace <cwallace at lodgingcompany.com> ---
Using Gnome Shell 3.4.2 under Debian Wheezy, I see this behaviour with the
icons of other programs as well (such as Liferea).

Also, if you reload the shell (by hitting Alt-F2 and typing r<Enter>) while the
affected programs are open, they come back with full icons.

I'd say it's a Gnome Shell issue, but there may be a way to work around it.  I
was going to suggest you look at how Audacious does their icon, because theirs
is always full-size...  However, when I reload the shell, the Audacious icon
disappears completely, so that's worse.  Best not to do what they do. ;-)

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