[Users] Bogofilter doesn't seem to be working

Gil Weber gilweber at bellsouth.net
Wed Mar 20 22:31:32 CET 2013

Hello, again. Nearing the end of my second day running claws-mail and
finding it at times simple yet at other times a bit frustrating.  :o)

I've now installed the bogofilter plug-in into my claws-mail 3.9.0
install (SuSE 12.2, 64 bit).

I ticked the preferences box that says "process messages on

But the following error box keeps popping up: 

<The bogofilter couldn't filter a message. The command 'bogofilter -T
-b' couldn't be run>

I searched here for help:

and found explanations for -T and -b, but it's rather over my head.

I'm assuming this means I need to edit bogofilter, but that's something
I think is better left to those with much more experience.

I also searched without success using this string and variations
site:lists.claws-mail.org bogofilter -T -b

Is there perhaps something I've done wrong in the setup of bogofilter
that's preventing it from scanning and identifying spam?

Thanks again for your help to this claws-mail neophyte. :o)

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