[Users] Configure an action for specific IMAP folder scanning

Denis FEURER denis.feurer at ird.fr
Sat Mar 16 01:57:50 CET 2013

Dear All,

I've understood yesterday how the list works and with further readings,
I start to discover how powerful can claws-mail be.

My question today :
How could I have an action/button/shortcut which forces scanning on
all imap folders (even those with unchecked "scan" checkbox in
"Properties") ?
The idea is to force synchronization from IMAP server from time to
time, while saving time in everyday use by preventing claws-mail from
scanning the whole IMAP folders structure.
Indeed for instance, from time to time, I get new mail and organise it
from a webmail portal ; back to my computer I need to get these mails.

Thank you all in advance for your helpful answers.

Best regards,


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