[Users] vcalendar and groupware

Bill Mullikin billm at kt7v.org
Mon Mar 4 16:10:21 CET 2013

Is there a list of groupware solutions that actually can be configured
to work with vcalendar?

I have tried many and so far no luck or maybe I am just not able to
figure it out. If I had a reference to one that did work I might be
able to figure out from that how to make the others work.

The latest attempt was with owncloud and dispite it accepting the login
creds it did not push the sample appointments into the calendar and of
course I could find no way to subscribe to the owncloud calendar do a
pull process either.

I am running Claws version 3.9.0 running on Scientific Linux 6.0 x86_64
and vcalendar Version: 2.0.14

Bill Mullikin

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