[Users] [Bug 2035] don't download attachments when opening mail for reading

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Fri Jun 21 14:39:38 CEST 2013


--- Comment #8 from Michael Heide <michael.heide at student.uni-siegen.de> ---
I'm one of those mobile users. Right now I'm glad to have SquirrelMail as a

Today I got several big Attachments which I do not need while I'm in the train
/ not at home. And mobile IP Traffic is quite expensive here / for me.

And the only way to stop claws-mail downloading all that stuff is "xkill" and
"by no means start claws-mail before at home".

Yes, claws-mail right now (before I'm at home) is useless for me. While it
/could/ be useful if it doesn't automatically downloads the all mails including
attachments while syncing the folder.


...just my 2ยข.

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