[Users] Plugin problem

kardan kardan at riseup.net
Fri Jun 14 20:35:24 CEST 2013

Hi Tom,

Am Fri, 14 Jun 2013 10:21:23 -0700
schrieb Thomas Taylor <linxt at comcast.net>:

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> I keep getting an error message popup stating that three plugins have
> failed to load.  They are the PGP/Inline, PGP/Mime, and SpamAssin
> plugins. Under "Configuration > Plugins" the descriptions for each
> states that the version is not compatible with the version of CM.
> Error message screenshot attached.
> What do I need to do to get the correct of those plugins?
Which plugins do you have enabled? When you have the old plugins listed
in the plugins dialogue just remove them and the error should disappear.

all the best,

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