[Users] Changing "Add to personal dictionary" keyboard shortcut

Cliff Laine clifflaine at europe.com
Sun Jun 9 12:12:19 CEST 2013

When typing an email, one may make a spelling mistake. Right clicking
in the incorrect word opens a menu of options, one of which is to
add the word to the dictionary, but the keyboard command to do this is
Ctrl+Return, which sends the email. 

One of the best features of CM is being able to customise
keyboard shortcuts easily by simply mousing to the submenu item
and pressing the desired combination, but this doesn't appear to
be possible for the dictionary. Is there another way in which
this can be done? (I'd rather not alter Ctrl+Enter for send as I've
used this for some decades).


CM 3.9.1
GTK+ 2.24.13 / GLib 2.34.1
Linux 3.5.0-17-generic (i686) (Mint Nadia 14)

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