[Users] Action for fake html emails

higuita7 at yahoo.co.uk higuita7 at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jun 5 20:59:46 CEST 2013


I use claws-mail in my work and all works fine... but my boss hates that i send text emails
because when other people reply, their message is defaulted also to plain text. 
Please note that he is the boss, e use a MACOSX and have too much free time! eye candy is 
important for him (usually more than the content of the email).

So finally today i was ordered to "fix" my email client to always send html emails to him.

I'm looking a easy way to solve this (other than changing jobs!!)

i'm thinking in a action with the perl (prefered) or python that takes the plain text message
and adds the HTML start and end blocks. i'm ready to put the message inside a <pre></pre>
to keep the "plain text formating" if needed, but at least the other clients would see it 
as html and all replies would be also html. I hope this is enough to make my boss stop
complaining! :)

Is this possible? Is there already anything like this?

yes, i know that i can do a html file and attach, but that requires opening a new program, 
edit the page there, saving and attaching. for all that i would have less trouble just
using the webmail



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