[Users] Flagging non-default accounts during compose?

Ricardo Mones ricardo at mones.org
Mon Jul 29 08:28:21 CEST 2013

  Hi Holger,

  Completely unrelated to the subject, but I'm very impressed by the
power and versatility of python plugin and starting to see a lot of
possibilities out there, so I had to ask...

On Sat, Jul 27, 2013 at 06:04:45PM +0200, Holger Berndt wrote:
> All those types are very incomplete, and as usual with the Python
> plugin, I don't aim for completeness but extend on an as-needed
> basis.

  Would it be possible to add some submenu to compose windows' Edit
menu (for example), whose options were able to modify compose text
and/or subject on user invocation?

  Ricardo Mones 
  Quantity derives from measurement, figures from quantities, 
  comparisons from figures, and victories from comparisons. 
                                                              Sun Tzu
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