[Users] I'm whupped by kmail

Gene Heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Fri Jul 12 20:07:22 CEST 2013


kmail has been my preferred mail agent since 14 years ago, but I have not 
been able to make it start on a ubu-12.4.2 install.

So, claws seems the next logical step, I've read lots of good "press" about 
it, and I've wasted 10 days on kmail now.

But, I see claws is mbox format only, an acronym I am told for a merged 

And it has no facility to import a maildir, which I have about 40 of.  
However the original kmail inbox is a mailfile, and while it shows 1 unread 
message in the claws left panel, it will not show me the message itself.

This inbox file, in a du -h format report, is 2.1 Gb, and the whole ~Mail 
tree is about 4.5 Gb, but that 2.1Gb inbox means its very close to falling 
over on a 32 bit install, and has done so before, forcing me to go thru it 
by hand nuking the obvious spam etc.

This leads to the first question:  What is the maximum mbox format file 
that claws-mail can handle on a 64 bit install?

kmail apparently doesn't have an export function, so:

Is it possible to do something like create a tempdir, and then step through 
the cur dirs, doing a "cat * > temdir/foldername" to create the merged 
files, and then import that into claws-mail?

Or is there another such mail merging utility that would do that better 
than a simple cat *?

3 questions, sorry.

Cheers, Gene
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