[Users] [Bug 1408] IDLE-Support with libEtPan (since 0.52)

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--- Comment #18 from kardan at riseup.net ---
Seems worth undigging. If I could I would implement it.

> I wanted to request IDLE-Support for IMAP since the new version of libEtPan supports it (see bug #22).
> I don't like to poll every X minutes Y folders on server to check if a mail arrived. I like to see a real-time notify of a new mail in any folder (server-side filtering).
> I often have claws-mail in background and my mail-checker (gnubiff with IDLE-Support) notifys a new mail in my INBOX. It would be nice if the mail is already in INBOX in claws-mail, too. Without to check the folders in claws again

>This document defines an IMAP extension which allows a client to request specific kinds of unsolicited notifications for specified mailboxes, such as messages being added to or deleted from mailboxes.
> The extension allows clients to only receive events they are interested in
> For the new messages delivered to or appended to the selected mailbox, the NOTIFY command can be used to request that a set of attributes be sent to the client in an unsolicited FETCH response. This allows a client to be passive recipient of events and new mail, and be able to maintain full synchronisation without having to issue any subsequent commands except to modify the state of the mailbox on the server.

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