[Users] theme icons

Ian Nartowicz claws at nartowicz.co.uk
Fri Dec 13 15:22:59 CET 2013

blind Pete <peter_s_d <at> fastmail.com.au> writes:

> Hi List, 
> I have cobbled together a few huge icons for a theme, but I have a few 
> questions silly questions...  
> First up, I am using CM 3.8.0, so tell me to upgrade if necessary.  
> I want all of my icons to be distinct, but similar.  For example, 
> all of the toolbar icons have a box around them.  The toolbar supports; 
> watch thread, ignore thread, rot13, and spam, but there does not 
> appear to be any provision for separate large icons for these.  
> Other icons are reused, limiting the theme designer's choices.  
> Is this deliberate?  Or a bug?  Or several bugs?  
> More questions to follow... 

There is very little difference from a theming point of view between your
version and the latest 3.9.2.  I think two new icons, neither of them
critical so you can worry about them later.

However I'm not entirely sure what your question is.  Is there a specific
icon that you feel is used in two places that would better be shown as two
different icons?  The toolbar (actually three different toolbars) supports a
whole host of actions with icons, as well as allowing you to choose
different icons if you want.  What exactly is the difficulty?  As a specific
example, the spam toolbar button icon is separate, and usually larger, than
the spam indicator icon in the message list.

You are free to set your icons to the size that you want them to appear on
the toolbar.  Typically this would be all the same size, but you can certain
certain button icons larger. The recommended size is 24x24px but this isn't
enforced.  Check out this link for some more information helpful to themers,
although not 100% accurate or up to date (apologies for the poor formatting
of that page):

One of the best guides to theming Claws is just to look at a recent theme
with a full set of icons.  Even some of those are not quite accurate or
complete, but I think Fresh Black (my theme!) is as complete as possible,
including some workarounds for bugs.


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