[Users] Moving to new computer

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Mon Dec 9 18:38:13 CET 2013

I'm writing this on my old computer because my move to the new
computer has something wrong with it.

First, I installed Claws Mail on the new computer (Xubuntu 13.10) and
all went well. Then I copied all the data from the old computer
(Xubuntu 12.04), including all hidden and regular folders and files. To
do this I used a 32 GB thumb drive formatted ext4 so that it would copy
links as well. Everything from the old computer is now on the new

Looking at Claws Mail in the new computer all my folders are there and
all saved mail appears to be in the folders until I click on a folder,
whereupon the saved mail count in that folder goes to zero. E.g., on my
old computer I have a folder for messages related to Rsync with 7 saved
messages in it. On the new computer this folder appears as well, and in
the folder list it says there are 7 messages in the folder, but when I
click on the folder on the new computer the count goes to zero and no
messages appear in the message window. 

If I use Get All on the new computer it goes out to my various accounts
and gets the mail the same as it does on my old computer, that is, I
see it retrieving messages from the servers, but the INBOX remains
empty. I have no idea where it is putting the messages, but they are
lost. (I put all new mail in the INBOX and delete/move after reading it
in the INBOX.)

Something is missing on the new computer, but I can't figure out what.
All the accounts and configurations look exactly the same as on the old
computer. What have I forgotten to transfer to the new computer?

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