[Users] dealing with *too* many folders

inigo_aldazabal at ehu.es inigo_aldazabal at ehu.es
Sat Dec 7 04:55:40 CET 2013

Quoting Owen <rcook at pcug.org.au>:

>> Okay, this may be obvious, but I haven't found a solution.
>> I have lots and lots of mail folders (with lots of mail
>> in them). When I go to file a message into one of the
>> folders (control-O), I have to scroll through a list
>> of _every_ folder, since the list, by default shows
>> all the folders, subfolders, and sub-sub-folders.
>> In the "normal" folder display, most of those folders
>> are closed; I'd like it if the same open/closed
>> status was applied when filing a message.
>> Any ideas, or does this need to be a "feature request"?
> I can type the first letter into that dialogue text box and it will
> jump to that folder
> Or first two letters if the first letter is the same on several folders.

I do also use this method: CTRL+o, type the first and typically the second
and perhaps the third letter of the folder name, and then move between the
folders sharing these two or third first letters with the up and down
cursor keys.

A great thing is that after issuing a CTRL-o, CTRL+g remembers the folder
you just moved the message into so that you can jump straight there really
easy. I use this feature a lot.

What I would really like to have is the ability, perhaps being enabled
as an option, that this kind of filtering worked no just with the first
letters of the folder name, but with the typed letters anywhere within
the folder name. Having also a lot of folders this will make *much,
much* easier to move between them and is a feature I often find missing.

Is it reasonable to adapt the filtering system to this? If so I'd open a
feature request.


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