[Users] Periodic "connection failed"

Haines Brown haines at histomat.net
Sat Aug 31 18:32:00 CEST 2013

On Sat, Aug 31, 2013 at 11:40:26AM -0400, Pierre Fortin wrote:
> wireshark actually has a fairly logical syntax with tons of options...
> here are some examples...
> Select the interface to watch, and in the Filter field, enter:
>    host mail.omnis.com
> to watch only traffic related to this problem.  

Oh, I didn't realize that "Interface" referred to the interface to watch
rather than my local interface.

To watch only POP, you
> would use:
>    host port 110
> To watch DNS queries also, use (POP only):
>    port (110 or 53)
> or (any protocol to/from host and DNS):
>    host mail.omnis.com or port 53
> "host" filter accepts hostname or IPaddress inputs.

> watchdns forces an initial output by defaulting the initial address to
>, then reports the first address it sees. After that, it simply
> watches for a change of address and reports if any.  

Thanks for the clues for the clueless. I'll give it wireshark a try.
> Out of curiosity, what's in /etc/resolv.conf on each machine?

Both on my current machine (no Claws) and wife's machine (with Claws), it

  domain att.net
  search att.net

> Shouldn't have had to change the script; it checks for existence of
> "play" and sound file first...(?)

Interesting, I don't have a "play" command (a $ whereis command returns
nothing). So in the script I substited an aplay command for it. If the
script does not find the "play" command, what does it do? I received back
no error message from the original script. 


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