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> Any way to turn this off? 

Not currently, but the option will be present in the next release.

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Thank you for letting me know.    I have noticed that sylpheed, claws and
outlook all do this despite the fact that there are plenty of complaints
about this online.   When you send encrypted mail for privacy, I don't think
the subject line is also encrypted.   When users are harassed to constantly
enter a subject line this doesn't help with privacy and it seems like it
would be a very handy thing for data miners to have.  I never really thought
the subject line was that useful, I just look at who the email is from.
All of the email clients I have tested so far do this so I was thinking
there might be a oppressive legal requirement that forces the developers to
do this. You cant find evidence of this on the internet search engines
because of the heavy censorship of search results.   Is this a plausible
theory or maybe it really is just because no one thought there would be
anyone that did not want to use a subject line?

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