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Fri Aug 30 05:29:40 CEST 2013


I am a new user to Claws Mail. I really like the program so far.   I am
still using Windows 7 but will be eventually transitioning all my software
over to GNU variants.     One of the features of Outlook that I did not like
was the message that said something to the effect of "are you sure you want
to send this email without a subject line?"?   To me the question has been
burned into my memory forever and is a constant reminder that with
Microsoft, you can't have it your way at all or at least not easily.   


This same message seems to occur with Claws?  Any way to turn this off?   I
know it seems minor, but I would love to get rid of that question and be
able to send an email without a subject line if I want.   Other than that
the software is excellent so far.


Thanks, any help appreciated as I want to learn everything there is to know
about Claws Mail.  

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