[Users] Periodic "connection failed"

Pierre Fortin pf at pfortin.com
Wed Aug 28 15:08:51 CEST 2013

This is not a response to the original problem; but additional
information that may help understand what is going on...  

This may be a DNS problem...

On Wed, 28 Aug 2013 07:01:55 -0400 Haines Brown wrote:

>There is no such host as gloria.histomat.net. 

Actually, you are using this domain as seen in the headers of your
messages to this list:
  Received: from haines by engels.HistoricalMaterialism.info with local
   4.72) (envelope-from <haines at histomat.net>) id 1VEdVc-0006cz-1h 
   for users at lists.claws-mail.org; Wed, 28 Aug 2013 07:01:56 -0400
  From: Haines Brown <haines at histomat.net>

A bit of dig'ing (output redacted -- vs. +short) reveals that all
addresses are in Torrance, CA, except for histmat.net...

$ dig engels.HistoricalMaterialism.info
HistoricalMaterialism.info. 1800 IN     SOA     primary.guardeddns.net.
dns-admin.guardeddns.net. 101 28800 450 1209600 900

$ dig primary.guardeddns.net
primary.guardeddns.net. 16957   IN      A

$dig mail.gloriabrownministry.net
mail.gloriabrownministry.net. 21600 IN  A

$ dig gloriabrownministry.net mx
gloriabrownministry.net. 21600  IN      MX      10 postoffice.omnis.com.

$ dig postoffice.omnis.com
postoffice.omnis.com.   15457   IN      A

$ dig mail.gloriabrownministry.net
mail.gloriabrownministry.net. 21338 IN  A

$ dig histmat.net
histmat.net.  21600   IN   A  <-- Torrance, CA
histmat.net.  21600   IN   A   <== Germany!!!
histmat.net.  21600   IN   A   <== Germany!!!

$ telnet 110
Connected to mail.omnis.com (
Escape character is '^]'.
+OK Dovecot ready.
+OK Logging out
Connection closed by foreign host.

Sounds like there's a lot going on there re DNS...  seeing the
contents of your ~/.claws-mail/accountrc for this account (minus the
password[1] lines) might help.

[1]  password=, smtp_password=, 
     in_ssl_client_cert_pass=, out_ssl_client_cert_pass=


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