[Users] to mbox or not to mbox

Eric Schwarzenbach subscriber at blackbrook.org
Tue Aug 27 07:10:57 CEST 2013

I'm planning to import several years of messages from Thunderbird to 
Claws. My understanding is that I can either just import them into Claws 
Mail's MH folders, or I can install the mbox plugin and install the mbox 
format files. After the initial import / install are there any pros or 
cons of one vs the other? Performance? Searchability or features?

I should mention that this is an IMAP account and I want the the import 
to only import them to the local message storeage and not upload them to 
the IMAP server. I'm intending to "synchronize for offline use" and keep 
most messages only locally and only leave messages on the server for a 
week or so, so I can keep email clients on two different machines up to 
date (I'm assuming I can do this with Claws...if not someone please 
disabuse me of the notion).



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