[Users] Periodic "connection failed"

Haines Brown haines at histomat.net
Sun Aug 25 23:13:43 CEST 2013

My wife's machine runs Claws under Debian. It has worked well for a couple
years, but at some point, perhaps a week or two ago she could send, but not
receive mail. No changes were made to the configuration. Today when I check
the machine I find that mail of two days ago was retrieved from the server
at some point, but Claws today no longer receives mail. I don't know how to
troubleshoot if the configuration works is workable, and I use same mail
server on another machine (using mutt, not claws) without problem.

When the "Get Mail" button is clicked, it seems to take a long time and
ends with the message:
     Connection to mail at omnis.com:110 failed

The log says:

    Connecting to POP3 server: mail.omnis.com...
    Connection failed.

Haines Brown

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